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when you can get paid the same day !!!

Trade unwanted Gift Cards, hassle-free from the comfort of your home. Easily exchange them for cash securely, Say Goodbye to Frustrating Kiosk Experiences.

Absolutely not! We do not tolerate any attempts to sell fraudulent cards on our platform.

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 A Customer-Centric Platform: Prioritizing Your Needs and Comfort

100% SAFE

A Safe Haven for Gift Card Traders: Cards & Kiosk Prioritizes Security for Beginners and Experienced Users.

Speedy Payment

Prompt Payment Guaranteed: Once Your Card is Verified, Receive Your Payment the Same Day.

Current Rates

Dynamic Rate Updates: cards & Kiosk Ensures That You Have Access to the Most Current Exchange Rates 

Customer Friendly

At cards & Kiosk, We Cherish You and Go Above and Beyond to Make Your Experience Extraordinary.

convenient way to convert Gift Cards into cash and Get Paid Same day.

Cash in on Your Unused Gift Cards: Our Fast and Reliable Platform Helps You Turn Those Cards into Extra Money with Ease.

100% Safe

Cards & Kiosk 

Simplifying the Process: Experience the Power to Manage Your Gift Card Transactions with Ease. . That's why we offer a user-friendly platform that is 100% Safe and easy to navigate

What sets us
apart from our

We believe that  Gift cards trading should be easily accessible, secure and fast payment processing to everyone.

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Customer threatens to leave ton of  bad reviews even after getting paid, Our sincere request is not to fall for false reviews 

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Attention valued customers,


We want to address a recent review by Robert Dess. Please be aware that the claim made in the review about processing a card is false. The image provided above shows the current balance of the card, which we have not processed. We urge you to exercise caution and not be misled by such reviews. Unfortunately, there have been cases where individuals use stolen card information to acquire gift cards and then attempt to pressure us into processing the cards. We take such matters seriously and implement stringent measures to protect both our platform and customers. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

"Witness the rave reviews and satisfied voices of our customers."

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